1. iraqsucks86 said: You are smoking hot send hot pics

    Why thank you……which picture do you like best


  3. ownsebi said: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    I would say I’m more of a dog person

  4. samnlisa:


    Wow what a body!


    I likes

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  6. I tried to keep it in but there was just too much

  7. wwwlopezstudio:

    "John" by Chris Lopez.

    New prints of this photo available here:


    This older man does things to me……excuse me while I head to the bathroom for a minute or two

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  8. evplives said: Hot blog


  9. This is what I want my wish you were here postcards to look like

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  10. letsfuckeverybody said: do you have kik?

    I do not