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    I love that I get to help bonqiqi87 sing her favorite song.

    This. Is. HOT.  These two are just lovely :)

    Holy fuck yes please right now!

    All videos all the time


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    • If you’re afraid to do it, then this should help you out.
    • If you do it but have no idea what you’re doing, then this should help you out.
    • If you don’t do it, you’re really missing out.
    • If you refuse to do it, you’re a fucking pussy yourself. 

    previously: how to go down on a girl

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  4. I need this in my life

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    Blog dedicated to #MFM #DP and #Gangbang

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    Skype and Yahoo: mwantsdp

    K i k: thecaptainmwdp

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    This gives me an idea for this weekend

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  6. lindmcc-deactivated20141007 said: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    Definatly a cat person


  7. fuckwhatbitchesthink1 said: Sexy blog, you should submit something to mine ;)

    Would love to. I can’t for the life of me figure it out on mobile


  8. gaolith said: Can ask where abouts in Alaska? I'm in S.E.

    I’d rather not say


  9. firefighter0720 said: Do you have any sexual experience with women?

    Just recently for my birthday I slept with my best friend and I used a strap on for the first time. I gotta say I’m really into it


  10. Anonymous said: Kik me : youwantme69696969

    I don’t kik